About Finader S.A.

We are the company assembling specialists with knowledge and experience essential to realize investment projects.
Finder S.A. provides services in the range of investment banking connected with gaining the capital for companies, entering the Stock Exchange, carrying out mergers/ takings over and with economic advising in the above areas as well as being capitally engaged in the selected projects.
The specialists connected with us have great experience in managing companies (enterprises). We are operating according to the best professional standards. We are coopering with experienced audit firms and law offices.
We focus on the partnership cooperation with our clients.

If you consider:

  • Gaining capital for the development of your company
  • Entering the Stock Exchange with your company
  • Issuing shares or bonds
  • Gaining the trade or financial investor
  • Taking another company over
  • Joining another company

We are the right partner for you!

We encourage to meet the services offered by us and to contact our company.


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