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Our specialists have great experience in managing companies. We are practical people on the market, carrying out ambitious investment project for our partners.


Finader S.A. provides services in the range of investment banking connected with gaining capital for companies, entering the Stock Exchange, carrying the transactions of mergers / takings over and economic advising in the above areas as well as at co-investing.

Investment Banking

Finader S.A. offers clients the professional service in the range of investment banking. At the moment of beginning cooperation our company takes a number of activities adjusted to the profile of served companies taking special consideration over their needs and investment plans.

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Gaining Financing

We realize the orders of external gaining i.e. from other entities (own or other ones). We carry out the own financing based on finances having the origin in the other entities / other companies / or share in securities / issue of shares, bonds.

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Entering The Stock Exchange

The guarantee of the success of shares issue is experience of advisory company which is provided to the clients by Finader S.A. Our company supervises the process of entering the Stock Exchange completely. Starting with changing the legal state of the company into the joint-stock company, through making documentation (e.g. an information document according to the law regulations.)

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Mergers / Acquisitions

Within the confines of cooperation and agreements with partners including recognised law offices we offer the full service of mergers and  acquisitions  such as advising in the process of the whole or partial purchase of companies. We provide complex advising at joining as well as at sale of companies or their parts.

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Advising / Co-Investing

Basing on our experience we deal with creating reliable documentation, crucial to find a proper investor  (private equity / venture capital) or to gain the capital from financial market. The documents and reports made for the needs of clients are always enriched with risk factors, a description of investment expenditures and financial forecast

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