Gaining Financing

One of the vital activities our company is professional help in gaining financing. Finander S.A. on behalf of its clients, takes the range of activities to get the short term capital or the long term one. The capital gained for a client is located on specified principles i.e. for the specified time, in the specified form and for the specified purpose. However following our experience we know the main purpose of wills of gaining the capital for our clients is an investment or turnover. In many cases finances are helpful to keep the balance and cash flow of the company.
We realize orders of external gaining i.e. from other entities (own or other ones). We carry out the own financing based on finances having the origin in other entities / other companies / or share in securities / issue of shares bands.
We gain the other financing for clients from the money market or the capital one i.e. short term banks loans or giving credit for long term activities. The client’s decision concerning the choice of financing form is always supported by a reliable and careful financial analysis of the company to level risk connected with the loss of cash flow of your company.
We encourage the entities expecting investment advising and help in gaining financing to make inquiries.


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