Entering The Stock Exchange

The Warsaw Stock Exchange S.A. is said to be one of the most dynamic European markets. It is the leader in the Middle-East Europe concerning crucial indexes such as: capitalization, the value of turnover and the number of companies entering the Stock Exchange. It is the biggest capital market in the Middle – East Europe where shares turnover takes place. The dynamic development of the Warsaw Stock Exchange attracts a lot of issuers who with its help gain capital to develop companies.
Presence of the company among Warsaw Stock Exchange companies means not only the possibility of gaining financing but also the one of increasing the prestige of the company and the growth of market awareness of the brand. Presence on the Stock Exchange allows to get a current valuation of shareholders virtues.
The main Market of Warsaw Stock Exchange has been operating since the Warsaw Stock Exchange was established i.e. since 16th April 1991. It is a so called regulated market, which means connected with increased requirements for companies which want to be registered on it. The subject of trade on the main market is shares, bonds, the rights to take, the rights to shares, investment certificates, structured products and derivatives: deadline contracts, options and index units.
NewConnect is an organized and carried by the Warsaw Stock Exchange market operating in the form of alternative system of turnover. NewConnect has been created for young, developing companies which operate in the area of new technologies. Entering the market and functioning is connected with lower financial requirements. NewConnect was established on 30th August 2007. The subject of turnover can be shares, rights to shares, the rights to take, deposit receipts and other share securities.
Catalyst is a market of due financial instruments which was established on 30th September 2009. It is carried on the transaction platforms of the Warsaw Stock Exchange and Bond Spot. It consists of four turnover platforms. The two ones are carried by the Warsaw Stock Exchange- as a regulated market and are designed to retail clients and the other two BondSpot markets are designed to wholesale clients.
The process of entering the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange consists of the range of complicated procedures and regulations. The final presence of shares introduced to turnover on the main market requires help of specialized firms which are experienced in such enterprises. The guarantee of success of shares issue is the experience of the advising company which is provided to the clients by Finander S.A. Our company supervises the process of entering the Stock Exchange completely- starting from changing the legal state of the company into the joint stock company, through making documents (e.g. an information document according to the law regulations) to advising the issuer client as to information duties.
The offer of NewConnect Market allows to use potential of companies innovativeness and results in a chance of development which can lead to carrying quotation to regulated market in case of the best companies. Taking into account specification of young companies/ issuers NewConnect offers less complicated formal requirements and information duties together with lower costs of gaining capital. The companies interested in entering New Connect or in professional help when appearing on the Warsaw Stock Exchange for the first time are asked to contact us by phone or to send the inquiry by the contact form.


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