Advising / Co-Investing

Finader S.A. offers a wide range of services concerning investment advising. Starting with making a fully professional business plan for a client, through investment memo and other documents essential at financial operations we provide all the content-related background to realize projects. Basing on our experience we deal with creating reliable documents crucial to find a proper investor (private equity/venture capital) or to gain the capital from financial market. The documents and reports made for needs of clients are always enriched with risk factors, a description of investment expenditures and financial forecast. The documents which are professional of legal and content related aspects lead to the success of investments in progress and also increase the chances of gaining financing or quicker carrying strategic activities.
Our experience makes us, according to the expectations of investors, able to support investment processes and successfully complete the projects. If you want to take advantage of our advisory services or you want to introduce us your project of co - investing and get some help to gain the investor we encourage to contact us by contact form


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