Supervisory Board

Members of Supervisory Board:

Grzegorz Gniady


  • M.S. engineer of Management, specialised in Finances - AGH Kraków- Management faculty
  • Fachhochschule Nordostniedersachsen- Germany, supplementary studies concerning financial and bank services and management.

Professional experience:

The author of financial analyses for, among other, ING Bank in Hamburg, DGM Konsulting Deutche Bank Gruppe in Hamburg.

The establisher and co owner of Cashflow S.A. He specialises in company strategy focusing on capital market, using the possibilities appearing on the market as well as capital operations in confines with companies restructuring. The author of many unique debt collection and financial solutions on the background of our country. He completed specialist courses of Finances and Sale such as "Professional negotiations in business", "Effective communication with media and investors", "Functioning of public market of securities in Poland - principles and regulations", "Good practices in public companies", "Winning negotiations", "Practical turnover of bills of exchange".

Dariusz Czech


  • M.S of Economics, Commerce, Transport and Services faculty of AE in Katowice.

Professional experience:

1991-1999- the expert of Debt Collection and Restructuring in the bank Millenium S.A. (former BIG Bank Gdański S.A.) in Warsaw, then the Director of the branch in Częstochowa and the Regional Director in Katowice,
1999-2002 - the director of the branch in Katowice, as well as the proxy - Bank Współpracy Europejskiej S.A. in Warsaw,
2003-2005 - the expert and manager of project tem in Eurofaktor S.A. in Mysłowice, the director of corporation line.
Since 2007 - the Project Manager - the proxy in the company Taurus Art Management in Sosnowiec.
Since 2009 - the General Director - the proxy in Cash Flow S.A.


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